Make A Contribution

There are many ways to give time and resources to the school and the Alumni Org. Of course dollars are great but making your skills and experience available to the school, its students, and other alumni can have a huge impact as well. When we volunteer our time and efforts, we save money for the school!

As you will recall, students have a lot of energy and do not live light on the land! A good bit of that energy gets absorbed by the physical plant. The dorms are always in need maintenance. From little things like painting, to the more skilled undertakings like replacing the soffits on Katy Kindel Hall, there is always work to be done.

We are looking for someone who has the skills to supervise crews of volunteers and liaise with the school to contribute to the upkeep and general appearance of the school and its grounds.

If your gifts are more in the area of gardens and plants, you can contact Barb Karner at the school. She is responsible for all of the landscaping and plantings on the grounds. I am sure she would welcome the help!

On your next pilgrimage to Leelanau County, take a few hours and spend it with an old friend, the spirit of every alumni’s experience lives on in the buildings and grounds that are there today. Let’s do what we each can to preserve that legacy for current students and for the students of the future.