We Need Your Help!

A part of the mission of LAO is to foster and build on the sense of community that exists among us. One of the ways in which we would like to accomplish this is by providing ways for us to support each other. This can include anything that you think makes sense.

An example of this is the Career Center which is under development. The idea behind this resource is to get employers together with alumni prospects, and to create business to business opportunities for alumni owned or operated businesses.

We have tried to come up with some ideas for how to provide useful services to the alumni community, but we need your suggestions too. If you have some ideas that you would like to share, please take a moment to write them down below and send them to us. We are interested in any ideas you have to offer no matter how simple or vast the scope! The more ideas we have to start with, the more likely we are to hit on the ones that have real impact on our lives.

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