Regional Groups

The purpose of a Leelanau Group is to benefit alumni, and friends of Leelanau by including them in informative, inspiring, and enjoy the friendship of your Leelanau connections.

Groups provide events of interest throughout the year, such as speaker programs, Christmas Sings, video parties, picnics, luncheons, dinners, discussion groups, community service projects, enrollment activities – and more!

The map below represents the geographic regions that are open to the formation of new groups. At this point, this breakdown is fairly arbitrary and can be changed if need be to suit the needs and actual concentrations of Alumni out there.


If you would like to be a part of LAO’s vital work – serving the cause of Leelanau – please consider forming/hosting/joining a Regional Group. Please call our Field Activities office, 1-231-334-3705 or email us at: