Manitou Passages

Manitou Passages is the name that was given to the shipping lanes that cut between the Manitou Islands and Sleeping Bear Bay. It is these passages you see when looking out over Lake Michigan from Glen Arbor & Leelanau School. The view of the Manitou Passages has changed little since Skipper and Cora stood on the shore many years ago with their idea for a school and has touched students over the years to the present and future to come.

Manitou Passages is the name of the upcoming Alumni newsletter. Much like the Leelanews, the Manitou Passages will published semi-annually and contain information to help keep you up to date on your fellow alumni.

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Please tell us about what you’re doing or anything else that you find interesting and/or important.

Summer 2006 Inaugural Issue

Winter 2006 Issue

Summer 2007 Issue

Do you have something you would like to add to an upcoming issue? We would love to hear how you are, what you’re up to, or any other information you would like to contribute.

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