One of the best ways to be involved in our school is to serve on a committee! Please review the committee information below. There are many fun and interesting committees designed to utilize the many and varied strengths of our alums. Committees are open to all members, and Chairpersons are needed for all committees. If you would like more information or are interested in serving on a committee or being a Chairperson, please click here to contact us.

All committee chairs must be highly organized, motivated and be willing to give a lot of themselves primarily in the beginning while we are getting this endeavor off the ground. Committees may have overlapping territory with other committees at times, and will be expected to work together. Most all communication will take place via phone and email, so good communication skills are important.

Class Agents:
We will continue to utilize the Class Agent system. If you are currently listed as a Class Agent and would like to continue as such, you must notify the Board of your intentions. We understand this is a time consuming post, so please be sure you are able to make the commitment. If you are not a Class Agent, but would like to be one, please let us know.

Class Agents will be the communication link between members and our Board. If you, as a member, have a suggestion, problem, solution or issue of any kind related to the fundamentals and policies of the LAO or the school, bring it to the attention of your Class Agent, who will in turn present it on your behalf to the Board. This would not include problems with your membership, or other administrative issue, which would be handled by our Alumni Coordinator.

Class Agents will work with the Fundraising Committee during fund drives and other fundraising activities.

Alumni Ambassadors:
Ambassadors will act as liaisons for potential new students and their families. They will be available via email, phone or in person if feasible, to answer questions, share information about their own experiences at Leelanau and be willing to offer support to the families while they are making the decision to choose Leelanau. Must be able to provide fair, honest and positive information about Leelanau.

Fundraising Committee Volunteers:
Will work with Committee Chair and Class Agents to find creative solutions for fundraising efforts, and administering those initiatives. This could include fun runs/walks during Alumni Weekend or during regional gatherings, phone-a-thons, contests, etc. This requires creativity and willingness to get the job done.

Merchandising Committee:
Volunteers will work with Committee Chair to find creative merchandising opportunities including a yearly calendar, clothing (LAO Gear), specialty items and other logo gear. Proceeds will all benefit the general fund to ultimately support the school.

Reunion/Special Programs Committee Volunteers:
This committee will plan Alumni Weekend and other reunion activities as well as regional gatherings, Homecomings, special trips (cruises, etc.), campus work programs, retiree programs or other creative venues for keeping our alumni family together and helping our school. They will also establish travel and other discount programs.

Alumni Career Network Committee:
This committee will serve as a gateway network to helping fellow alums, especially our new college grads find employment opportunities with alumni businesses. They will maintain contact lists, conduct basic interviews (mostly by phone, but in person if feasible), make introductions, review resumes and offer support.

Scholarship Committee:
This committee will be responsible for developing a scholarship program for students. This can be scholarships for attending Leelanau as well as college scholarships for deserving graduates.