About the LAO

The Leelanau Alumni Organization, Inc. (LAO) was created as an opportunity to provide a communication bridge for all to stay in touch with our school and each other. We envisioned an organization that would include all ‘admirers of Leelanau’, including family, friends and faculty. An organization which thrives on the close bonds we have formed with the school and each other. An organization that supports its members through job networking, travel, reunions and regional clubs.

An organization that supports its school through giving, volunteering, and being ambassadors for future students. The LAO relies on annual paid memberships and donations to support its operations and is independent from The Leelanau School.

We can be in a position to offer a great selling point of attending Leelanau, not only by establishing scholarship programs but by showing families their child will have a great support network not only while they attend, but a network that continues even after they graduate. Our Alumni Ambassadors will aid potential students and their families in making the decision to attend Leelanau, and will remain a point of contact throughout for those times when they just need someone to talk to. There is much we can offer about our own experiences that may help them get through theirs.

We can control our own giving. Having an organization like LAO will provide an extra layer of confidence and protection for your pledge or donation. We will be in a position to ask the questions, determine the needs and work with the school to make sure funds go where they are needed most and are used prudently. Weekend work programs are another way to give, by volunteering your time to help on campus making repairs, painting, planting etc.

Our goal is to ‘do what’s right’ for the school and each other. We are an organization that will listen to the needs and ideas of its members. Transparency is key for successful operation and we intend to exercise our decisions and activities with the utmost integrity and in the best interests of the organization and the school.

Please join us today on this great journey, by preserving the bonds and traditions of the past, and look forward to a bright and hopeful future.

Thank you!

The Leelanau Alumni Organization, Inc. Board of Directors